Who is APPA?

APPA is a group of Australian-Palestinian professionals who are self- employed or employed in professional industries (engineering, law, accounting, business consulting, medicine, IT, etc). They have the following attributes in common:

  • They live in NSW and of high professional calibre and ethical conduct.
  • They are proud of their Palestinian origin in addition to their pride in holding the Australian citizenship or being residents of Australia.
  • The members are very keen to advocate the Palestinian cause independently from any specific party or group directions in Palestine and Australia. On the contrary, work on the reconciliation and uses the differences as strength factor to synergise a buoyant Palestinian lobbying body in Australia and Palestine
  • Members will work cooperatively regardless of any religious, social or regional background.
  • APPA members will work closely with all existing Palestinian advocacy bodies in Australia and abroad and will endeavour to avoid any dispute or negative competition.


Influence effectively the Australian decision-making structure and process to make it more even handed and balanced towards the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Specific Objectives

  • Help in the creation of awareness and support in the Australian community to the Palestinian cause and the Arab-Israeli conflict in general and advocate the Palestinian just cause in all fields especially media and public relations.
  • Develop the leadership, dialogue and political skills of the Australian-Palestinian community with special focus on the younger generation.
  • Provide assistance: financial, educational, health and trade for the Palestinians in both Palestine and the Diaspora. This objective is carried out mainly by working on having access to the Australian government and NGO’s aid and donation funds.

Strategies / Programmes

  • Advocacy strategy which can include: Networking and coalition building, Public education, effective media strategy and lobbying
  • Institution building including: organisational, leadership and human resource development.
  • Consultation, networking and cooperation with all relevant civil society organisations in Australia